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DiscussionCamp.com | Your #1 Discussion Community! | Custom Theme! | MyBB
Posted by   linkz   on 04-02-2014 at 03:02 PM
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DiscussionCamp.com | Your #1 Discussion Community! | Custom Theme! | MyBB

[Image: dclogo1.png]
DiscussionCamp is a general discussion forum, where you can find new friends, high quality content and a lot of help for your own community. We are focusing on general discussions & webmaster discussions too. Everything provided on DiscussionCamp is free and will always be.We try to host events & contests regularly and we're an overall great community. Join and start posting to gain awards and become well known! Be sure to tell all your friends about the forum to get DiscussionCamp more active! Most of all, have fun & chill out!

Why Join Us?
The answer is simple.It's because we have a nice atmosphere here at DiscussionCamp.All the Staff and also members are friendly & willing to help out each other all times at no cost!We also a custom made theme by a professional & upcoming MyBB theme designer,linkz.We have custom & very popular plugins too.The best of all,we have unique content.

  • Custom Made Theme.
  • Custom & latest plugins.
  • Unique Content.
  • Friend Staff & members.
  • Various sections for diffrent discussions.
  • Cheap Upgrades.
  • Easily obtainable awards. (Free HF Comer Award for the first 50 members of HF.)
  • Groups.
  • Not complicated rules.Just chill out & have fun!
  • Active forum.
  • A shoutbox for members to talk easily.
  • Credits to buy stuff at the shop,play games, & more!


Rewards & On-Going Contests

We are currently having a referrals contest which has just started yesterday.To read more about the contest & the prizes please go to:


*For the first 50 members from HF to join DC will receive the "HF Comer" award.No requirements!

JOIN NOW AT DiscussionCamp.com

[Image: Pq0ch55.gif]

Thank you!Smile
Posted by   Anurag M   on 04-15-2014 at 10:08 PM
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RE: DiscussionCamp.com | Your #1 Discussion Community! | Custom Theme! | MyBB
Very nice theme and good niche, good luck with your forum. Smile

[Image: userbar-for-yuva-pix.png]
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