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Cyber for MyBB
Posted by   Sukanjan. K   on 02-19-2014 at 01:37 AM
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Cyber for MyBB
[Image: thread.jpg]


Cyber Theme is a new Advanced Dark MyBB theme. As we can see, many peoples are demanding dark themes now a days So we decided to release a couple of dark themes. This is a must have theme for technology, or gaming related forums, however, with its easily customizable interface you can use it on other genres too. The theme is sleek and can be easily customized. This theme has so many premium features with which your forum will look even more better!


- Fancy jQuery Modal Login Box.
- Custom font.
- Cool menu hover effect using CSS3.
- Board Statistics with Icons.
- Matching Image Buttons.
- Custom tabbed profile.
- jQuery tooltip effects.
- Improved Welcomeblock.
- Sleek design.
- 3 Column footer
- Very easy to customize.


[Image: down_b.png]




License: YuvaPix Official Theme Releases

    You MAY:
  • Modify the theme and templates to your liking on your forum.
  • Modify any images you wish to change.

  • You May NOT:
  • Remove the creator's copyright at ANY TIME.
  • Redistribute the theme without the creator's written permission.
  • Redistribute a modified version of the theme without creator's written permission.
  • Claim the theme as your own work.
  • Use the buttons in the GDK / included in the package in another theme or work.

[Image: userbar-for-yuva-pix.png]

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