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Who we are
YuvaPix Designs is a small web design and development firm based in Kolkata, India.
But we have crew from all over the world and we cannot operate without their contribution. We are committed to create beautiful and highly functional websites, custom themes, quality graphics work following the exact specifications of our clients. You can always count on us. We are responsive and reliable.
For more information see our Services page.
Our Vision
YuvaPix Designs strives to provide to SMEs a level of services not possible from larger companies.
Because we are a small business ourselves we know that your business need a fast, reliable and friendly service. We also know that you may not have the necessary time to track the website's development or theme development so we'll do it for you, We'll plan and organize the webdesign and development process so you have enough time to prepare the content.
Story of YuvaPix
The grand opening of yuvapix.com was on 30th sept, 2010.
The main aim of yuvapix is to provide quality designs at affordable prices. Our web designers are front-end developers, & specializing in HTML, CSS and jQuery driven Web design with an emphasis on usability and search engine optimization. Overall, we are very passionate about our work and enjoy designing.
The domain name YUVA-PIX was chosen by Sukanjan & Anurag. "Yuva" means young in Hindi (India) language, and "Pix" is basically used as plural of pic, in this case it indicates designs or graphics.
Basically we are designing Web templates, forum themes, logos, signatures and other graphic works. YuvaPix is the place where you can get top level skins, logos, template and graphics at a very reasonable rate. We are also offering absolutely free designs & themes support in YuvaPix.
About the Crew
Sukanjan.K: is a web designer, front-end developer, & specializing in HTML, CSS and jQuery driven web design. Sukanjan has completed Bachelor of Science degree in Computer.
Anurag M: is a front end developer & specializing in HTML, CSS and jQuery driven Web templates. Anurag has completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in AEIE.
Reach Us
Our Address
Baksara Road, Near Santragachi Co operative Bank, Howrah - 711110.
Phone: +91 987-426-4288 / +91 898-151-3187
Email: yuvapix@gmail.com